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Christiaan Marc van Leeuwen aka cLEEm

I'm looking for a

graduation internship!


I am Christiaan, a young designer from the Netherlands whom you can wake up for a slice of bojo (Surinamese cake) any day of the week.

I study Communication and Multimedia Design at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. What differs me from the rest of the designers, is my constant eagerness to learn new things. I taught myself video editing for instance and love to experiment with new forms of media and user experiences in my free time. From logos and websites to realistic 3D renders and even 3D printing jewelry.


My mission, as a designer is to help young people discover their talents, understand new technologies and the design possibilities that come with them so they can try and create new things which they do not learn at school.


My vision, as a designer is that those children will learn about 3D printing and the internet of things and bring those to the next level by combining them into a new way to prototype and invent things. Because children have the most vivid and pure imagination, it would be a gift to the world if they can realize anything they imagine.



Are you curious to know more about me?
Check out my résumé! (.pdf)


Phone Number

+316 21455722